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  • 2012 (6)


I’m feeling like I need a lot of comfort since Friday. I wrote about it here. And created the simple, happy printable below. (Click here to print it.)

comfort others

Our family is going to try to do 26 acts of kindness in honor of the children murdered in Newtown. Are you?

Slick Sale

It’s Small Business Saturday!

We are having our annual sale.

It’s slick.

A Small Business Slick Sale…

small biz saturday yo

Fedorables are here.

Small biz saturday fedora

Snowboarder Lids here.

small biz saturday seriously

Interchangables here.

Slick sale


Happy Shopping Friends!

Thanksgiving tree

I love my pilgrim and indian

How to make place cards into a Thanksgiving tree:

Cut leaves out of red, yellow and orange construction paper and write each guest’s name on one side to make place cards.

Place the leaf place cards at each plate. Ask guests to write something they are thankful for on the back. Share what you wrote during dinner. After dinner past them on a tree made of twigs or a tree drawn on a larger piece of construction paper.

lil boys are thankful for

I came up with this idea this year but didn’t have time to implement it. Mental note for next Thanksgiving!

I need a charity


When I started making Snowboarder Lids I knew I wanted to partner up with a charity. And I knew I wanted the charity to work with autism. When I found Surfers Healing my heart said they were the ones I wanted. Surfers Healing feels a bit grassroots. I feel like the dollars we donate don’t get lost in overhead costs. I actually KNOW that we paid for 5 kids to go to free surf camp. And I know parents were touched deeply by the day. (See real stories from my friends here and here.)

Last year when we started making Fedorables. I met this lovely lady and things quickly fell into place to directly help families going through adoption. Starting with sweet Henry. (See how we were involved here.) I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this little boy whom I have never met. But I do. And I’m proud to have been involved (in a tiny way) with his life.

Now we have the Bohemian Lid, and things are just about finished. And I’ve go nothing. Nothing is on strongly on my heart… yet. Friends have made suggestions and while all the charities are great, I just haven’t been moved like I have for the others.

So I’m waiting.


Actively seeking.

What’s on your heart?

(please leave a comment with ideas!)

Winner winner chicken dinner

And the color winners for our first run are…

Charcoal/Mustard & Red/Coral stripe

Wooo hooo…

IMG_7565 IMG_7520

AND I may have a lil’ something up my sleeve for more colors.

Keep posed!

New Lid. New Colors. Picked by YOU!

Hi Friends!!

Welcome to my latest baby – Every Moment Clothing!

I’ve loved making Lids sooooo much I’ll be expanding to clothing AND expanding our vision as well! Explore our site a bit (but keep in mind it’s a work in progress… typos abound!) and let me know what you think.

We are launching with a Lid (I do know Lids best) but there is a catch.

I need you. (Y-O-U)

YOU get to pick the first two colors we run.

Examine the pics below then vote for your two favorites. The two winning colors will be stocking ready. YAY!!

Giddily debuting our Bohemian Lid…

contest numbers (2) contest numbers (1) contest numbers (6)

contest numbers (8) contest numbers (7) contest numbers (4)

contest numbers (5) contest numbers (3)